What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is a buzz word for a network of servers

The Cloud has been around since the invention of the Internet and its only recently that the term “The Cloud” has become popular, but what does this mean?

In short The cloud is basically a network of servers that communicate over the Internet to provide services for both public and private uses, whether this is directly over the Internet or via a private company network.

What Can I use the Cloud for?

A prime example of how people are using The Cloud comes from Adobe, who have recently moved all its creative software into the Cloud.  This means you can no longer by their products of the shelves, instead you must pay a subscription fee to use products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc…  This allows Adobe to reduce copyright infringements and improve renewable revenue, all whilst making sure their clients have the latest and most stable product available at that time.

Other examples of how people are using The Cloud are:

To access Software as a Service (SaaS)

Solutions from Companies Like Microsoft, Adobe, Sage and many more can now be purchased via a subscription and access directly over the Internet or via a VPN.  This helps companies like yours save money and labour costs, as you are always running the latest versions of the solution, with the most upto date security patches and you are also not required to spin up expensive hardware in house to support your applications.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Both small and large companies are benefiting from moving some of all of their infrastructure into the Cloud.  This allows them to heavily reduce overheads like hardware & Software Costs, along with Electricity Bills, Wages and even downtime.

Companies are moving everything from Intranets and Email Servers right through to the user’s desktops into the cloud.

Cloud Hardware

Some companies like Cisco's Meraki are even developing hardware platforms controlled by The Cloud.  These platforms offer one location to manage all of your Routers, Switches, Access points and more, no matter what sites or even country they are based in.   These systems can allow you to deploy complex setups across hundreds if not thousands of devices, in minutes all over the world, without the need to ever touch a single device

The Cloud is what you make it!

In fact, when it comes to IT Infrastructures and services, most are either now available in The Cloud or could easily be migrated to The Cloud, all it needs now is your imagination.