Data Removal

Secure Data Removal Service

Data security is as important as ever, with recovery tools being so readily available, simply deleting a file is no longer enough, files need to be securely deleted using specialist software to the point where recovery is impossible.

The Forge Digital has the unique position to offer a Secure Data Removal Service, this means that your data will be wiped to Ministry of Defense standards, ensuring that your data is kept safe should you wish to sell a hard drive or computer onto someone else.

Cant i just throw the hard drive or computer away after formatting it ?

You could, however, should your hard drive get into the wrong hands, the data will be easily retrieved using readily available software which can be downloaded from the internet, this means that your personal data can be recovered and viewed easily by anyone with little technical knowledge.

Is it Secure Data Removal expensive ?

Not at all, The Forge Digital offers this service at extremely competitive rates, with bulk discounts available. Our prices for this service start at just £30 per Hard Drive. This includes shipping to our specialist centre for data removal in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, the wiping service and secure shipping back to your premises.

What if i dont want the Hard Drive anymore ?

The Forge Digital also offers a Hard Drive Disposal Service, this is inline with the WEEE regulations, your hard drive will be sent to a secured shredding facility, where it will be shredded into multiple bins, making it impossible to rebuild the hard drive components, these bins will then also be sent out to different companies around the UK for melting down and reuse. So you never know, next time you buy a drink in a can, you may be drinking out of someones old hard drive ! The cost for this is the same as our standard Secure Data Removal Service.