Wordpress Design

Professional, Affordable, High Quality and Bespoke Wordpress Design and Development

Wordpress is a well known blogging platform and content management system. When it was released on May 27, 2003, its basic concept was to bring blogging to the world in an easy to use software that could be hosted on virtually any server, since then Wordpress has expanded to become one of the easiest to use softwares on the internet, with millions of plugins available to expand its features to include E-Commerce, Galleries, Ticketing, Events, Live Feeds and much much more.

The Forge Digital has extensive experience with Wordpress, we have developed our own plugins, themes and hooks for use with Wordpress. Our in-house team of designers, coders and testers are all well versed in Wordpress and know it like the back of their hand. We offer an extensive service to our customers, starting from a simple blog, all the way up to a full multi function Wordpress powered website.

How easy is Wordpress to use ?

Wordpress is an extremely easy to use piece of software, however we do appreciate the fact that not everyone is as tech savvy as we are, so we provide full training on how to use your new Wordpress website, from adding your first blog post, to adding new pages and uploading images, we wont leave you hanging without the support of our dedicated team.

What else can Wordpress do ?

Wordpress has a huge range of plug-ins that allow it to be changed to do virtually anything, from E-Commerce, to your own mini Social Media site, to a Photography selling website, Wordpress can do it all. If there isnt a plugin currently available, our in-house team of coders can custom design the plug-in to do exactly what you need, all at affordable prices and backed with our world class support.

How much does a Wordpress website cost ?

The Forge Digital has a wide range of solutions for customers wishing to use Wordpress, depending on your level of technical knowledge and what you would like it to do, a Wordpress website starts from just £50, this includes a basic template customised to your requirements, a contact form and a single page of contact. For more information, please contact our team today on 0330 223 3815