What is a Domain?

A Domain name is your personalised and unique internet address.

Each website has a domain name that serves as an address on the internet, which is used to access your website.   An example of a domain name is “theforgedigital.com”, “Microsoft.com” etc…

Due to the way domain names work it is impossible to have the same twice anywhere in the world.   You can use alternately endings (suffixes) like .co.uk or .com, but the completed name must be unique.

What can I do with a domain?

There are untold things you can do with a domain, but the most common ones are:

Set up a website

If you are building a website for personal or business use you will need your own personalised domain name.    Once you have linked your domain name and website together, people can access your website by typing your domain name into an address bar on their preferred web browser.

Set-up unique email addresses

With you own domain you can truly personalise your emails to your preference.  By having your very own domain name you have an unlimited number of email address to choose from. 

From a business perspective an email solution like this also help you promote your brand by using your own business name in the address.  So instead of your emails being yourbusiness@btinternet.com you can be yourname@yourbusiness.com.