Reselling The Forge Digitals Services

Be your own boss with our Digital Affiliate and Partnership Programmes.

What is The Forge Digital Affiliate or Partnership programme ?

With a wide range of services, The Forge Digital is the perfect partner for all of your digital needs, we provide a full solution for businesses throughout the United Kingdom, with great support, affordable pricing and reliable services, we are a leader in the Digital market. By becoming an Affiliate or Partner, you are able to resell these services at a discounted rate to your customers, meaning you can earn profit yourself from our services.

With three programmes we have something to suit everyone depending on how you would like to run your business, your budget and whether you want to do this under your brand or just sell directly through The Forge Digital.

What are the solutions available ?

We have designed our solutions to cover everyone, the programmes are vastly different, and depend on how involved you would like to be with the running of your new venture.

Affiliate - Hands off Programme, you direct the traffic to us, and The Forge Digital manages all aspects of client interaction, including Support and Billing and more.

Partner - Hands on Programme, you direct the traffic to us via a dedicated website to your business, The Forge Digital manages Billing and Second Line Support. This is a hosted platform solution, costing £10 a month to maintain.

White Label - Your own Business - You manage all aspects of the process, Third Line Support (Support only provided to your business, not end users) is managed by The Forge Digital. This can also be done as a hosted platform for just £15 a month extra, where your pricing and product descriptions will be automatically updated by our online system.

  Affiliate Partner White-Label
Signup Cost Free Free £250 One Off (*)
Monthly Cost Free £10 Free / £20 (*)
Commision Levels 5 % Reccuring 5-10% Recurring 5-15% Recurring
Minimum Sales £0 a month £0 a month £250 a month(***)
First Line Support (?) The Forge Digital Your Business (**) Your Business (**)
Second Line Support (?) The Forge Digital The Forge Digital Your Business (**)
Third Line Support (?) The Forge Digital The Forge Digital The Forge Digital
Domain Name Included No (**) Yes If Managed
Dedicated Account Manager No No Yes
Account Manager Yes Yes No
Pre-Made Advertisments Yes Yes No (**)
Exclusive Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Invited to Events No Yes Yes
Regular Webinars No No Yes
Invitations to new Products Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Made Website No On Request On Request
Sell Under Your Own Name No Yes Yes
Powered By Tagline No Yes No
No Costs Programme Yes No No
On Site Support No No Yes
Signup Click Here Contact Us Contact Us

* £250 + £20 a month if we host your website using our managed website solution, £250 one off fee if you manage your own website
** Can be done by The Forge Digital for an extra cost.
*** If sales target not reached, a fee of £50 per month is required to remain on the White Label Solution